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I like that!


sO I was walking my dog today, and this old man walks by.

Naturally, my dog goes up to the new person.

Old Man: What are you doing with this animal?

Me: I’m walking him. (referring to dog)

Old Man: I was talking to the dog.

and I just-


Do you like lets plays?

I hope so.

If you do, click here to watch some lets plays!

I have Spiral Knights, Minecraft, Dark Souls and more.

Spread this like the plague, lets just hope that no one dies.

Someone caption and/or photoshop this

Someone caption and/or photoshop this

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On my Tinspite cx cas made some parabola art

On my Tinspite cx cas made some parabola art






Favourite post on tumblr

This is what happens when we have a two year hiatus

I’m enjoying the thing.

I am so proud to be a part of this fandom

I lost it at the Gallefreyan one

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Strax is my spirit animal-Doctor Who

this is the best strax ever

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The Doctors on Top Gear.